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Average rating: 5.0
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Average rating: 4.3
Special offer restaurants
  • Restaurant Il Sole

    Restaurant Il Sole

    Octopus salad with capers and anchovy sauce

    from chef Olesja Kislicka

    Table reservation: +371 67771428

  • Restaurant Estrāde

    Restaurant "Estrāde"

    Pork medallions, pine nuts - apple puree, beet emulsion, crisp radishes, fondant

    from chef Rihards Ķempis   

    Table reservation:  

    +371 29368868

  • Restaurant Majorenhoff

    Restaurant   “Majorenhoff”

    Peppers, baked with cheese Fetaki
    and tomatoes from Chef Constantine Grineva

    For table reservations:

    +371 20240000

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About changing trends
About changing trends
Average rating: 3.1
Добрый день! Хотели бы обсудить обеда в вашей таверне для туристической группы. Группа 45 человек....
Average rating: 4.3
International SV
Вот что интересно , посетив этот ресторан однажды , Вы либо полюбите его и внесете в список " любимых " Либо вы туда больше не придёте ! Сп...
Average rating: 3.6
Сервис упал до плинтуса. Нам не нашли столика который нас бы устраивал, в пустом зале, потому что нас было только двое....
Average rating: 4.3
Буйабес и гребешки - это съедобно и можно есть. Здесь много ума не надо - сварить рыбный суп или замороженных гребешков. Там же, где надо пр...
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09 July 2012 r.

Nomiku: bring sous vide into your kitchen.

08 April 2011 r.
25 March 2011 r.
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04 September 2015 r.

Open Riga Food 2015

Riga Food 2015 ...

23 February 2012 r.

Cabaret show - "Hotel Jurmala Spa" renewed the tradition

The hotel 'Jurmala' current 'Hotel Jurmala Spa ", located in the heart of Jurmala on the street Jomas. It was one of the most popular hotel in Jurmala, even throughout the Soviet Union. The restaurant 'Jurmala', 80-years showed a cabaret show, which gained popularity not only in Jurmala, but also far beyond. Place the cabaret people have already booked months ahead, only to see this famous show. "Hot...

20 February 2012 r.

“Trikāta KS" last year worked with profit

Farmers 'cooperative' “Trikāta KS" last year's sales totaled 16.8 million lats, while the net profit - 295 thousand lats, an increase of 22% over the previous year. Successfully worked in a cooperative in 2011, forming part of SIA "Trikata cheese" and SIA "Trikata logistics". Ltd. "Trikata cheese" after a loss during the crisis once again runs at a profit. According to provisional data, the co...

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25 December 2016 r.
09 October 2016 r.
"Autumn Riga Restaurant Week"

As part of this year's "Autumn Riga Restaurant Week", Riga's best restauran...

28 September 2015 r.
Italian pasta week La Piazza restaurant

 Just as diversed is the landscape of Italy, is also Italian kitchen. In...

03 March 2015 r.

On working days 12:00 - 16:00 - 5€ - EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! In R...

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09 October 2016 r.
Special, "Benjamiņš" restaurant

"Autumn Riga Restaurant Week" Starter Deer carpaccio with fried wild mushrooms, smoked game consomme jelly, black currant balm marinated pearl onions, ...

31 August 2016 r.
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